LID Magazine is a weekly inspirational blog. We aim at inspiring and motivating young people all over the Globe through sharing stories of determined individuals who have gone against all odds with vision and resilience to succeed in their various fields of endeavour. Our lifestyle section draws its focus on inspirational lifestyle tales. Everyone is a priority to LID we also report on current Globe affairs

LID has been in existence since September, 2019 with the vision of encouraging and empowering young people to strengthen and develop their lives through mentorship, creativity and innovation. Our mission is to use these shared stories to inspire determination, resilience, and ethical behaviour, urge to succeed and above all hope to boost the potential of our future generation.

Promoting Success amongst young ambitious people in the world is what we all about. We provide everyone the opportunity to share their successful stories and accounts of their experiences.

We have a team of diverse brilliant young minds from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Ghana still adding on to further enriches this efficient team. They work tirelessly to make sure you receive the best account of stories. LID being a youth magazine we give young people a chance to take part in our monthly competitions and they get to walk with some life changing prizes.

Sharing of stories and experiences though a very powerful tool is not our sole aim and purpose. But the beginning of a Social Revolution of the mindset of our youth today that no matter the circumstance we still can succeed and THAT there is HOPE for the FUTURE.