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Everson K Chieza is a professional Actor, Model, Photographer and Fitness Trainer who was not a victim of this confusion because he followed his heart. “Being creative has always been in my heart, I’m one of those who followed their hearts. Performing arts makes me feel very content from studying literature and bringing text to life, I feel much alive and this  was my greatest inspiration” he said.

He was born in Zimbabwe but he spent most of his childhood in Botswana. Growing up in Botswana gave Everson a great opportunity to experience diversity of cultures and he embraced some adventures till the point he came back to Zimbabwe to study, Film and theatre arts at Midlands State University.

Everson has  casted in  numerous short films since 2015,  namely : Few Close Call, Kubhusha, Toro the short film. His major burst was Wadiwa Wepa Moyo where he played the main character (Man Tawa) this role made his work to be internationally recognized by some producers and he also went on to say “The character (Man Tawa) has captured the hearts of many and received the most love from the public and he really share some parts of me in real life”. The Arts industry is very challenging as it requires so much from the talent especially when you on set but for Everson he manages by creating a home like environment with the crew , the cast and the scenes so that he feels safe, that is his safe space, he added that love, care, understanding and respect is what builds a home hence he implements these to every situation every time he is on set to feel more comfortable to bring out a great show.

He admits that being in the public eye does not distinguish you from others and he attests that he has faced some financial difficulties but he did not let this bring him down  because what matters to him is the services he provides for others to stay entertained. He is  happy because that  has never stopped him from delivering yet. He said “This has been  a journey filled with success and failures. Trials and tests. So l have definitely faced some challenges but the Love, success, and growth definitely outweighs them all. I’m rather grateful. Still finding myself and how best l can grow as an Acting brand. A proud Zimbabwean and also a citizen of Africa.”

However I’m very excited about My latest Role in a Production, Which will be announced soon. It taught me a lot and l hope everyone will enjoy it and give it the same love and support.” When one puts more effort, hard work, determination and commitment and then this pays off, then  one will celebrate as an achiever, Everson is one of those. He celebrates his achievements even the little ones because he believes that each experience  adds to a part of him. These pieces when put together, they produce a magical and amazing personality which makes him unique in his own way. He testified by saying, “Every Achievement from finishing my degree in Film and Theatre Arts to being recognized as an Actor, Assistant Director to some of our 2021-2022 favorite shows: Blue Roof, Mukoma Bruce. To being a Brand Influencer for Carling Black Label South Africa and now for our Smooth and Easy Sable Lager. All these have contributed huge in my books. I’m very grateful for that. I can safely say I’m achieving.

Everson concluded by saying to all aspiring individuals in art around the globe, “There really is no actual formula  for those who think l have the answer then you still have a lot to learn, rather always put your best foot forward. I always remind myself that there’s no place without challenges, you just need to know which challenge is worth it. The fact is, if you’re reading this, know you’re special, no one will ever be like you. Explore, Learn more, understand and respect the field, Observe, Create, Experiment,  remember to be your own Art.”

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