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Leon “DocMac” Blessing Machando


There is a  quote by the famous comic actor Charlie Chaplin “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up but a comedy in Long-shot, this is the quote Leon has been living up to on his craft of making people laugh.  Leon is a Comedian, Model as well as a Content Creator from Zimbabwe. He was born and raised in a Christian home and adopted good morals, this helped in shaping and developing the disciplined entertainer he is today.

“I started acting when I was at school and was part of the drama team I knew it was something I wanted to do for a living and would rejoice when people are laughing said; Leon.

After completing high school Leon moved from his birth town to the capital Harare. “I have always been a go-getter and was never scared of a challenge or trying out new things”. The move to Harare opened a lot of doors for him and gave him a chance to also meet some influential people in the industry from Producers to Actors and even went as far as being featured in some movies with actors like Simon Nyoni AKA Baba Inno.

“In Zimbabwe I had limited opportunities so I relocated to South Africa in search for greener pastures and limitless opportunities”; He would say . He started off by doing skits and posting them on his social media platforms until he gained popularity. Amongst his skirts he did one resembling the late Judith Makwanya and it went viral, this became the biggest break he needed.

In South Africa things seemed to have opened up and it also gave him an opportunity to take his career to the next level as he now use all forms of social media platforms to showcase his talent. He now goes by the name DocMac, and also joined casting agencies like Becky Casting and was selected to feature in one of South Africa’s most popular soap (Durban Gen) as a patient and in SA’s Ugly Betty( Ubettina Wethu) as a waiter.

Leon’s career has taken a turn for the best, he went on to say at only 23 I have seen the grace and the favour of God.

His biggest challenge, is support from the industry and also people around him he got a lot of people discouraging him even some of his relatives and friends, but he kept on working and improving his craft. He made a pact to himself that all the hard work was going to be worth it and today the people who doubted him are the ones supporting him.

He concludes by saying “Just like any entertainer I am very passionate about the industry and just like Charlie Chaplin all I want is to make people laugh”

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