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Desire Muloyiwa


Desire Muloyiwa is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur. He was born in a family of four, being the only son, gave him the strength and courage to with stand everything thrown his way. He grew up to be a person who would take on challenges.    

After Desire completed Advanced Level in High School he did not do as well as he had anticipated and opted to look for a job and earn some income. He found a job as an undertaker at a local Funeral Service Provider. This was one job most people his age would never go for at the time but to Desire it was all about making money and be able to take care of himself. Desire started having an expansion of mind growth in business, he then enrolled in business management so he could learn more and get the know-how of running a business.

His knowledge started growing and he worked with some prominent and well reputable funeral services companies in Zimbabwe including the famous Nyaradzo Funeral Services. Desire made sure he learned all he needed because his dream was to open his own business one day and help families who have lost loved ones.

In 2019 his lifetime dream came true and was able to establish his funeral services company Claremont Funeral Services with the desire to operate funeral business and providing essential services to those who need it the most “I am currently doing Undertaking business where my passion is to work with both the dead and the grieving family whom I give comfort and hope”.

Claremont Funeral Services is a company that draws its focus on the removal of remains and provides mortuary for storage, body as being prepared at that moment. Amongst their services are repatriations across the globe and all relatives back home. They also provide Tents, Fresh Flowers, Video Recording for those not able to attend the ceremony.

We received many clients during the 1st year, the numbers then increased cause  Covid-19 that’s when the brand had known so fast due to its service delivery, people referred each other and we are so grateful that the future is bright. Said Desire

The biggest challenge the service provider is experiencing is the different currencies as they are operating in all Southern African countries but they have managed to find a way around it they have also found ways to make payments methods easy for clients abroad.

Desire draws his inspiration from his former employer “Mr. Phillip Mataranyika of Nyaradzo Funeral Services is my role model, he always inspired me, I was so motivated by how he would manage his things in such a big organization and never failed and I told myself I was going to be that kind of a person one day. Seeing the brand growing each year, managing the fleet, nurturing employees with good remuneration, Mr Mataranyika marked a huge space in my ambitions, I had always had a dream of becoming a good entrepreneur, it became true and I want to thank him so much for grooming me for more than ten years,

I would not have achieved anything had it not been the courage and strength I had I would like to honor myself for taking the bold decision of starting my own business, I believe everything is possible if you give your time and always follow what a good leader is putting out  and letting you see”. He concluded

3 Replies to “Challenge yourself to do more”

  1. Once worked with you & your service was excellent. May God continue to give you grace & above all wisdom so you may be the person you “desire” to be…Thank you Claremont Funeral Services.

  2. Wall that’s great, tell us the future plans, bt I think too it was necessary to mention the name Gamuchidzo as the entry name in the field, though through capturing international avenues, it changed to Claremont.

  3. You are doing a great great job Desire, well done. Keep working and helping people mourn their beloved ones in a respectable manner.

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