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Christine Nhamo

Founder of Zim Influencers Magazine, Lawyer, Author, and Radio Personality

Growing up without a father made a huge impact on Christine it gave her the courage to withstand everything thrown at her at any given chance. Christine was raised by her mother who instilled values of a hardworking and fearless woman out of her. She has always been a hard worker from a very young age as result she has acquired few titles to her name. She was raised in a small town called Karoi in Zimbabwe, being in a small town meant limited opportunities for Christine however she took it upon herself to make sure she doesn’t believe in this narrative that a lot of people were in context with.

Christine always wanted to help people from a very young age, mainly women in her community. She witnessed a lot of domestic violence cases growing up and some unfair treatment towards women in her community. All this was happening around her and all she wanted was to help the vulnerable and also be a voice for the voiceless. All these misfortunes that happened forced her to grow up when she was young, she started to reason like a 30-year-old when she was just 13 years. “Being a woman is not a barrier to anything. Any person can be anything sex is not supposed e to be a barrier” said Christine.

After having suffered in silence for most of her childhood trying to be a voice for the voiceless she started writing and would also express herself in most of the stuff she was writing . She managed to write 3 motivational books, writing has been some sort of refugee for Christine always felt that writing was her hiding corner cave. She also got her articles published in some top publications. Christine adored TV Personalities and she imagined herself as a presenter one day however she had very low self-esteem and did not know how to claim her position, she doubted herself so much and always felt like she was not beautiful enough or coming from a better background she doubted her capabilities a lot of times but she did not give up on her Television and Radio dream. Her desire to tackle down the issues surrounding women in her community gave her the strength she needed not to give up. Christine managed to get some radio work and that has given her the platform to advocate for women’s rights. She also established her own online magazine, Zim influencers Magazine online platform focused on the Zimbabwean INSPIRING INDIVIDUALS both in and outside the country.

She got the opportunity to study in Russia because of her passion for women’s rights she went to study International Law and recently graduated. She hopes to inspire a lot of women and also practice all the things she learnt in Europe.

With everything Christine is doing she has thought of giving up her plan on focusing on women or her dreams, “I feel like there is a real need for women representation in my nation. I believe most women have great dreams but they lack the motivation and representation in their fields of expertise. I want to be a listening ear and a voice of my generation” concluded Christine

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