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Prisca Nangoma Anyolo

Model, Actress, Journalist and Make-up

Prisca is a Namibian beauty Queen and Entrepreneur based in South Africa. Growing up Prisca was called a “Tomboy” a term usually used to refer to a girl who enjoys playing rough and is always associated with boys. Prisca’s behavior was influenced by being always around her male cousins and mostly having male friends. It came as a surprise to her when she developed a passion within the beauty industry. Prisca dreamt of being a dancer “I never thought I was going to be a Model let alone establish my own business within the beauty industry as I had always imagined myself as a dancer”. Being always in company of boys gave her the strength to be able to defend herself.

Prisca was born and raised in Namibia but relocated to South Africa to study towards a Degree in Journalism, in the year 2016, and would also take on part-time modelling classes as she was really interested in learning more about the modelling world. Being a full time student and trying to have a breakthrough in the modelling industry, it was not easy on the young entrepreneur. During her free time she would research on possible talent agencies to join whilst studying and with her family and close friends being in Namibia it was very tough. Prisca just like any other student was looking for ways to earn some extra cash and be independent. Her modelling career was not all rosy at the beginning as she would go on for months without getting any auditions or roles and she was starting to get really tired and frustrated” it’s true what the bible say about God’s time you should not rush or have questions like  why good things takes time to arrive to you”

In 2018 Prisca got her biggest break in the modelling industry when she joined an agency that nurtured her talent and she got to live her dream of being a model. Ever since then she has worked with some big brands in South Africa such as DSTV, Old Mutual, Vodacom and many more. The opportunity came at a right time and opened a lot of doors for Prisca and with the money, she was making from her professional modelling work she started to invest in her interests which were Make-Up. Prisca became so obsessed with cosmetic products and she enjoyed the beauty cosmetics brought into her life and how it made so many women happy

She then established a Make-Up brand called Ngoma Glam a Make-Up business that deals with all kinds of Make-Up from bridal, video shoots, film shoots, etc. Prisca started by watching video tutorials on YouTube, she then raised enough money and enrolled at a Beauty school where she got to work with some amazing tutors who taught her to perfect her work and made it bigger and better so her business can claim its rightful position in the competitive industry.

In 2021 Prisca was amongst the top finalists for the Miss Namibia pageant, this is what she would refer to as a “lifetime” opportunity that made her discover a lot about herself. In her own words “being part of this national pageant, I was able to uncover that it is very important as a person to have certain values that you advocate for, in my case I had to quickly be an advocate for food security. I have always been concerned about poverty and wondering how some families go to bed on empty stomachs and I have always wanted to find ways to help and eradicate it in Namibia. The pageant also taught her that beauty is not only defined by your physical appearance but also what you advocate for. Prisca went on to say “I will forever be grateful to have been part of this amazing journey, to be able to express myself”.

 “I am excited to see where the future takes me and what lies ahead of me and I look forward to this amazing journey of life” Prisca concludes.

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