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Tinashe Chingwaru


Tinashe is a versatile entrepreneur who is lead by the Holy spirit on bringing and changing the entrepreneurship space. Growing up Tinashe was raised by her single Mother (Florence Mujeni) who was an entrepreneur this had an effect on her and she knew she was destined for amazing things, to a point where she saw  herself being a businesswoman one day. Tinashe’s mother groomed her to be the entrepreneur she is today.

Her background gave her all the determination and her and the environment that motivated and drove her ambition to be successful. Tinashe was born and raised in Zimbabwe later on moved to South Africa in search for greener pastures. Life was very difficult because all of the job opportunities she could find at the time as a foreigner and narrow mindset caused by the influence that surrounded her at so her doing everything in order to survive. Tinashe worked as a domestic, waitress, security guard pharmacy assistant to be able to put food on the table and pay her bills. She has always been hard working give her a mop she will wonders with it and find innovative ways of developing it and excels in everything she does and it didn’t come as a surprise to many when she started her business, she knew and believed in herself. Sometimes things become a little bit blurry but she knows God is in it with her that’s why the word quitting is not even in her vocabulary.

Her entrepreneurial background and Faith made her start her own business and the business is a success because she can adjust and is not afraid to ask for help from other experts in her field Exquisite

Tina Creations a company focused on providing solutions to the world. Tina is the founder and director of exquisite Tina creation we setup companies to provide solutions from Cooperate branding, Civil Construction, salon the organization she started from the ground up she is also the CEO of Greathope funeral plan (MFS), as well as the Co-Founder of the African Business women Circle (ABC) an organization that trains and equip women in business and teach them basics through personal development.  

She is the host and organizer of the women’s day round table an annual event which serves as a platform for women from all walks of life in business to network, share and support each other in business and her vision is to see more successful female entrepreneurs around the globe.

Running multiple businesses is a thrill for Tinashe and the thought of giving up has never crossed her mind as she lives by the motto one day at a time the best that you can and live the rest to God, disappointments are a part of live put she is always quick to change focus to what is important to her which is making a difference and paving way for generations to come everything else will follow. Tina has been nominated for a number of Awards because of her phenomenal and philanthropy work she is doing namely The Zim Excellence Awards Personality Of The Year and The Business Woman Of The Year.

Tina concludes by saying you need to trust in God in everything you do and  you need to put your trust in him for it is Christ who strengthen you

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