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Jae Ma

Co-producer of Show Your Groove Global Talent Show and Founder at  Empowering Introverts to Thrive Online

Jae was born in Vietnam to parents who were teachers and owners of a private high school. The family left as refugees on the ship and were robbed twice while on the ship this experience made Jae to have a lot of question however her sense of gratitude was developed while living in the refugee camps in Malaysia and the Philippines for a few years.” I recall waking up the “cockoo doodle do” of roosters outside the window to our “huts” in the camps and walking my younger brother through dirt road around the age of 4 -6 years old to attend school in the camps. I’m very grateful for this part of my life left a lasting impression on the value of giving back, family, education, and life. I was a very quiet and shy little girl with a number of fears.

Jae and her family moved to the USA after years of being in refugee camps and after arriving in the US, She goes on to say “I barely spoke in class as I considered myself an introvert just absorbing the language and learning”. Jae shied away from being in the spotlight, speaking in class or in public, making friends or even attending parties. Her path ironically lead her  to become a community college professor to teach groups of adult students which required her to talk, inspire, motivate, plan, communicate, lead, and an “entertainer” on a daily basis. 

Her fears made her who she is today she knew the only way she could tackle them down is overcoming her fear, her journey to becoming the best in everything she sets her mind to has been a very successful one. She has experienced sense of purpose discovering the impact of showing up as an introvert after coming out of her comfort zone and growing her online presence two years ago Jae says “I started working on myself daily and in the process have been inspiring and empowering other introverts to step out of their comfort zone to develop their sense of self-worth, self-esteem, reevaluate our own limiting beliefs, develop supportive friendships, find community and voice online”.

Jae Ma is an International Best Selling Author, Educator and Mentor — who’s personally mentored over four thousand students and now, Speakers and Entrepreneurs from across the globe. She’s been featured on newspapers and digital stages internationally, on numerous online shows and interviews, and on an Internationally Ranked Podcast. She co-produces a Global Talent Show for Charity and online summits, and was chosen to represent three education establishments, including a state government agency. She brings her immense life experience in several countries, and her dedication to empowering introverts who have felt unseen, unheard, or unsupported, using her Simple 5-Step System to build authentic connections, creating impact, and to grow, glow and thrive online.

“I also discovered a sense of joy to empower others In the midst of also witnessing cancer in my family this past year and overcoming some of my own pains, my mission and purpose is now to empower even more introverts to grow, glow and thrive online just being themselves”. After showing up online, she has now transformed herself and numerous others from being an introvert to a connector and leaders to impact many lives online. She has inspired and connected many people as a bridge to build their confidence and step out of their comfort zone  

She currently has a collaboration Launch Your Own Course in 14 Days with Abby Yoong where they are taking students from start to launch online for those who have bought many courses but have not yet launched or for the beginner who wish to launch and first session free for LID Magazine readers.

To connect with Jae Ma you can find her in the Introverts Glow, Grow and Thrive online Facebook group. She conclude by saying if you are an introvert embrace it as your superpower to naturally be thoughtful, reflective and use it to connect hearts and shine for bigger purpose”

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