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Sibongile Matembo

CEO and Founder of Delish Herbs and Spice

Sibo was raised by her paternal family’s side and never knew her Mother until she finished school, she went on to say “Growing up without a mother was the most difficult experience of her entire life” however it made her the strong and determined woman that she is today. She was born and raised in Africa Zimbabwe like any other African she had dreams and aspirations alongside other things that she wanted to achieve for herself.

She has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and to be financially free. Sibo’s very first job was as a house helper for a certain family, this job made her desire to grow more and she made a vow to herself that  she was going to make all her dreams come true at any cost. She would attend seminars and business events and also would seek advice from people who were already in business to learn how she can also start her own business.

She partnered with a friend to start a business producing Spices and Herbs four years ago and when the partnership ended two years ago, she continued to operate albeit under a new name Delish Herbs and Spice. When asked where does she see her business in the future? “ We would like Delish Herbs and Spices to be  a  supplier of choice for Africa’s retailers and resellers providing families with options to cook healthy and delicious meals.”

“We are passionate about seeing people living healthier lives so we have now focused on herbs to encourage everyone to eat right and lead healthier lives,”Sibo says.

Delish Herbs and Spices has been doing well for the past few years.  It also supplies local retailers every month this is where Sibo has managed to grow her business. The biggest challenge for the company is competition because they are up against some big names in Africa some that have been around for a very long time. Delish Herbs and Spices have never felt the need to give up instead Sibo and her team are working extra hard to reach to the level and give their competition a good run for their money. While funding for expansion may be an issue as well Sibo and her team are determined to see their business growing into many African countries, “ We are taking one step at a time.”

Sibo has created several streams of income to provide for her family and it has been working. She also urges  other people to do the same to never limit or doubt their capabilities.

“I have learnt to never limit myself they are a lot of opportunities out there and all you need is to take the first step and never to stop, I wish this Sibongile today has known all this like 10 years back, she would be far. Being in business has taught me, never be afraid of anything, wake up every morning and take that step of faith and keep moving, when you fall don’t be discouraged, wake up, dust yourself and try again until you succeed and then move on to the next level.”


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  1. Wow! Power to you woman for realizing your dreams and working towards achieving them! May the good and faithful Lord bless the works of your hands 👐

  2. I was there when the business started and at first we “myself and her hubby” would laugh and not take her serious but now through all the hard work she put in, she has shown us just how hard work and determination always bring good fruition. May the Good Lord continue to bless you even more

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