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Aubrey Mavhuli

Serial Entrepreneur, Copywriter, Marketing Consultant, Farmer and Author

Tough times never last but tough people do the book that changed Aubrey’s life forever. “It sucked him into entrepreneurship” and as he says, “he was hooked forever with no hope of rehabilitation”.

Growing up Aubrey never dreamed of going into business except where it involved writing and selling books. At 13 he started writing, wrote a book which he gave to his English teacher for a review and as he says, ‘ his teacher was more than delighted.” They combed through the book looking for errors but unfortunately the book never saw the light of the printing press. The publishers needed a typed manuscript, at the time typing services then cost an arm and a leg so he could not afford to get it typed.

When Aubrey completed high school he studied Metallurgy and got a job in the corporate world, however Aubrey also wanted to be an entrepreneur so he would pursue few business opportunities between his full time job as well as managing the side hustle. Aubrey noticed a gap in his community he started selling Globes (World Maps)  he sold these  door to door and in the streets.

In between all these business ventures Aubrey has been in and out of his corporate job. He has written columns for various publications in Africa and Europe. In one of his early attempts at writing he wrote a humour column for a local weekly publication and articles for a publication In Netherlands.

He eventually left the corporate world to focus more on his ventures. He manages his solar installations company Solartech Joburg East which he started in 2013, Transportation business started in 2018, Copywriting and Marketing Consultancy started in 2016 and mixed farms in Brakpan South Africa started in 2019.

He has also started to coach and mentor other upcoming entrepreneurs through his online academy Success is Do it Yourself named after his second book. “At the academy I help those entrepreneurs who can’t afford my high marketing consultation and copywriting fees but are willing to be shown the way and do it themselves.”The academy membership is only 99.97 USD per month but is currently discounted for 49.97 USD  till early May 2021.

In between all his business ventures Aubrey runs his day-to-day life with his different establishments and try to succeed in everything that he does. Growing up as a passionate child, given an opportunity to express himself has been really helpful to him.

In 2013 Aubrey bought a solar franchise to start a solar installation company in South Africa a business focusing on installing world class environmentally friendly solar systems for homes and offices in Africa. The company has had its ups and downs but is still standing since 2013 and it has managed to create employment for other people.

In 2020 Aubrey launched his best-selling book Success Is Do it Yourself which has sold several copies globally. “The book is a work of tenacity”, he says, “ I had tried and failed in so many entrepreneurial ventures before, that I often joked that there was no more failure left in me hence I can only succeed”.

“I enjoy what I do,” Aubrey says. “My advice to others is plan your success, study success and don’t give up because you have failed once or 1000 times. Fail till you succeed.”

When you try something, you will often be bad or terrible at it, but don’t give up because you failed initially. Go on, get help, get a mentor a coach or consultant to help you cross the bridges in your life, “Aubrey says with a look of excitement in his eyes.

“My biggest challenge has been my own mindset sabotaging my own success. My entrepreneurial life changed when I discovered personal development. I realized like my book says that success was a do it yourself project. If you don’t work hard on yourself for yourself no one ever will,” says the serial entrepreneur, author, farmer, marketing coach and copywriter with a smile on his face.

Aubrey has challenges just like everyone else in the business sector “Getting quality clients has proved to be the biggest challenge for his entrepreneurial journey” but he overcomes it by qualifying and disqualifying customers before working with them. He says with a chuckle, “customers are not created equal, target the right clients to work with and you will enjoy your business for life.”

Aubrey concludes by saying “whatever you want to do in life do it and don’t wait for anyone to do it for you. Opportunity doesn’t knock it’s got no knuckles to knock with it enters opened doors. Preparation is foundation of your success.”

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