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Hillary Moyo


Hillary is a hardworking self-developed businesswoman from Plumtree a small town in Zimbabwe. She has always wanted to be a businesswoman and would dedicate her time trying to be the best in everything she did. In as much as she was a hard worker Hillary was not so good when it came to academics, it really bothered her that she was just a mediocre student and in order to be the businesswoman she wanted to be, she had to be an outstanding learner. Hillary was a passionate Agriculture student to a point that wanted to pursue a career in Agriculture with hope of starting a business in Agriculture.

Hillary’s desire to be a successful businesswoman began when she was really young and at 18 after completing high school she took it upon herself to look for a job and started working as a shop assistant to raise money for her personal needs to also she support herself with the salary she was earning at the shop and even managed to save some money.

She saved enough and re-located to South Africa in search of greener pastures. When Hillary got to South Africa life became very tough for her so she went and found a job as a domestic worker for almost 5 years, the job as a domestic worker taught her self-governance and how to work with people. She also got to travel to Cyprus with the family she was working for, the opportunity to travel was something so big for Hillary because she never imagined herself in Cyprus, Hillary learnt a lot of things and discovered a lot as well. The biggest lesson she learnt was that she had to take action learning because she knew she had to make her lifetime dream of being a businesswoman come to life.

Hillary ventured into network marketing because she loved working and developing relationship with people however it was not easy. After using her savings to start the business from ground she was left with almost nothing and starting the business was not easy but within a period of 6 months she managed to reach her target. “When I started my business I was not even sleeping I was always all over the place trying to get people to work with and growing my network”. Hillary then left her job to focus more on her business as it was now growing and expanding.

She has managed to open her own network marketing shop in Cape Town South Africa distributing health care products not only has she managed to buy herself a house and better the life of her child and all her clients she has also managed to save lives. Hillary went on to say “Running a business is not as easy as everyone thinks I have faced the worst possible challenges but I will not give up” Hillary has also had people telling her to give up on her dream but she has not and she never thought she was going to move away from being a mediocre student in school and a domestic worker to being a businesswoman as well as a breadwinner in her family.

“Never underestimate the power you think you have as it is very powerful and strong.” Said Hillary

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