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Munyaradzi Gumbo-Mberi

(Chartered Certified Accountant, Tax Practitioner, Business Accountant in Practice)

CEO: Ngoho Accounting and Business Consultants (Ngoho)

Munya is a Chartered Certified Accountant and Marketing Strategist from Zimbabwe currently based in South Africa. “I have always loved numbers from a very young age” Being the oldest child in the family automatically made her to be more responsible because she was assigned to a lot of duties some of which required her to be a leader and a decision maker. She drew her inspiration from her mother a woman whom she describes as a rock and the strength in her life, her mother was a hustler and taught her not to give up or lose hope and to always be self-sufficient as a girl child.

After completing her first degree in Marketing, Munya secured herself a job at one of the best tele communications companies in Zimbabwe and worked at the company for 2 years. This job gave her the opportunity to unleash and identify the ambitious woman that she is and meeting some prominent people who made a huge impact in her entrepreneurship journey and inspired her to not give up on her dreams.

When Munya relocated to South Africa she wanted to follow her dream of starting her own business venture because she was passionate about Accounting. She went on to purse a degree in Accounting which she finished and qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) focusing mainly on Financial Accounting and Tax.

She got a corporate job right after qualifying but could not fit in the environment. “I could not fit in; the corporate world was just not for me by virtue of me having 6 years prior in consultancy” The frustrations she had in the corporate world pushed and motivated her even more to start her own business.  Being a go getter and a “perfectionist” in her job but she was not happy and eventually quit her job to start her own company with no client. “It just happened I just woke up and saw myself resigning without even planning the next move, the thought of getting another job gave me shivers so had no other option except to start my business and make it work”. Munya did not know if the company was going to make it or not but she could not give up or doubt herself she was all in.

Ngoho is a company established by Munya in 2019, because of the passion and excellent service offered it has done so well with a huge clientele base from all over SA. Their payoff line “we don’t just do numbers, we add value” says it all. Munya has so much determination and love what she does, most of Ngoho’s growth has come through referrals.

She has also ventured into Training consultancy and Motivational Speaking with the aim of helping people to start their businesses and to keep them going. Munya’s passion of being a leader and making a difference in other people’s lives is what led her to this journey, and she has managed to coach a lot of people on how they can start their own accounting consultancy and entrepreneurship in general.

“Never give up on your dream, it is doable, it is achievable, it is possible”. Munya concluded. Below are the details on how you can reach out to Ngoho Accounting and Munya.


Contact: Email

Tel : +27 11 312 1192

Cell: +27 73 886 7668

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