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Richard Harrington

Founder of RH Group, NLP Life Coach and Philanthropist

Richard was born in Athlone a Coloured suburb situated in the east of Cape Town in South Africa. Born to humble beginnings taught Richard the importance of saving and always having a heart and mind of thinking of the future. He always believed in financial freedom and never wanted to spend most of his life working for someone.

His family then moved to the country’s capital city Pretoria when he was just about to start high school, where Richard got a different perspective on life which gave him what he would refer to as a mindset shock. “Life in Pretoria was totally different to what I was used to, In Cape town everything was smooth and easy however Pretoria changed that and instilled in me a different level of hustling and determination”

The move to Pretoria increased his level of eagerness and determination to save in order to secure a better future for the next generation.”  Being in a diverse community with different people motivated of Richard a bright future”  Richard went back to Cape Town for his tertiary education to pursue a Bachelor Of Commerce in Finance at the University of Stellenbosch. Most classes were being conducted in Afrikaans at the time as much as it was his native language Richard struggled to keep up so he had to work extra hard. Life at university was also not as he anticipated but Richard was passionate about learning how to invest to be able to live a financial free life. In between classes and assignments he was now a part time broker however that didn’t go well for him, He went in debt and was forced to go back to where he started. Richard did not give up but took his passion more seriously and started reading Warren Buffet’s book which brought him to the level he where he is today.

In 2009 he graduated and got his first job however the hustling mood was still active so he eventually left his job to focus more on his passion.  It took Richard hard work, determination and patience to gain his title “Global Speaker”. Richard is the founder RH Group a company that aims at empowering one billion people with the tools to set themselves financially free by 2030 as well as a Global Speaker and Philanthropist. He has helped so many entrepreneurs around the world to lead a life with financial freedom and many learn to do the right investment and study the market.

In December 2020 Richard was featured in Forbes Magazine on a piece How To Make Profit During A Recession. His philanthropic journey has helped so many people Richard recently launched a youth event VALUEINEVESTING4YOUTHwith the aim of uplifting the youth and encouraging them to buy their own shares on the stock market and teaching them the dynamics “ The secret is to start when you are still young” Richard.

“I now dedicate my time in helping others on their journey towards financial freedom, believing that when we rise, we have an obligation to lift others”, Richards concludes.

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