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Olushola Rotimi Adeniyi

Founder: ResearchInked PTY LTD

“Being the 1st child of my parents taught me to be a leader. This also influenced my passion for education and choice of friends”. Olushola has always valued the importance of education and wanted it to play a huge role in his life. His educational pursuits cuts across the Northern, Western and Eastern regions of Nigeria, including the mandatory National Youth Service Corp. He relocated to South Africa in 2008 for his postgraduate studies.

Olushola confesses his love for Science, specifically Chemistry. His passion led him to obtain a PhD in material science/polymer chemistry with research interest in hydrogen economy polymer membranes, composites and gas separation and purification.

He has over 6 years in postgraduate capacity development, including mentorship of an annual average of 100 postgraduate students across all fields within and outside of Africa. Olushola provides assistance in research writing, including scholarships/grant applications and coordinates writing retreats. His long-life dream was starting his own research company, which is now in its second year.

ResearchInked is a company he established in South Africa with the mission to focus on research capacity development and one-on-one training on research skills, mentoring and coaching. Researchinked is a company established to speak the language of research, driven by passion and committed to academic and research excellence, integrity and success. ResearchInked aims to guide students across all fields of scholarship including MBA, doctoral and master’s studies, as well as students pursuing Honors degrees.

In 2013, Olushola was the first non- South African to be selected under the South Africa & joint institute for Nuclear Research (SA-JINR) student practice at Dubna, Russia and the following year (2014) was selected as a member of the organizing committee.

His passion for research and imparting knowledge has led him to continuously seek knowledge and skills. Olushola concludes by saying ‘when life gives you lemon, make lemonade’

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