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Nnenna Nwaokobia

Legal Practitioner and Philanthropist

“I grew up in a family of 6 with two older brothers and a younger sister. Our parents instilled values of hard work, discipline, responsibility, family love and unity which formed the basis of my values in my life journey. My strong belief in God solidified my beliefs, values and principles”.

Nnenna was born in 1970 just after the civil war in Nigeria so as a child her parents instilled great values and beliefs to her and her siblings. She went to one of the best girls school in the country at the time; were she was taught great ethics and strong principles of success and achievement were taught to her which lived up to the great woman that she is today.

Nnenna actually wanted to be a medical doctor when she was growing up, Due to her  passion of helping others to resolve problems and bring smiles on their faces. Even after completing high school she was still in love with this path, however fate had other plans for her. She ended up studying Law and became very good at it. As of present, She is a Legal Practitioner, Chartered Mediator, Company Secretary and a trained Arbitral Registrar. As a legal practitioner with 25 years work experience she has established success stories across various sectors including Banking, Mortgage and Manufacturing. She is a member of Worldwide Independent Lawyers League (W.I.L.L.) a network of over 200 lawyers across over 50 countries offering legal services across international borders.
Nnenna is also member of various Associations including Business Network International (BNI), Health Emergency Initiative for Indigent Persons (HEI), and  a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC), As well as a  member of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA),also involved in a number of other Non Governmental Organisations that promote, preserve and protect the wellbeing of children, the girl child and women.

As a Company Secretary, Nnenna helps Companies keep statutory records, maintain compliance with regulatory bodies in their industries, avoid penalties and embarrassing situations that will bring the company to disrepute and assist foreign companies wanting to establish their business in Nigeria from incorporation to providing end to end transactions to assist them start smooth operations, including registration of trademarks, patents, etc and obtaining necessary government permits and quotas. As a legal practitioner Nnenna also deals a lot with startups, providing legal advice and preparing agreements needed to enable them avoid usual pitfalls with intended business partners and contractors.
“The biggest challenge in my life was an unexpected mortgage banking ten year career which ended in 2009 and led to one year of solitude, inward search and reflections that resulted in renewed focus on my law career and other pursuits and interests. I am here today, with a growing and very promising legal company secretarial and mediation practice moving closer to my passion of helping people’s businesses and personal lives. That is why I am confident that you too can start over”.

One of her many interests is Health Emergency Initiative for Indigent Persons (HEI). They work with social workers in government hospitals and provide funds up to a limit to assist indigent patients pay their medical bill and have performed more than 400 interventions since the NGO was formed in October 24, 2015. Website is

Nnenna believes in integrity, diligence and commitment. “In life you cannot do without these three”. Integrity keeps you out of knotty situations; diligence will get you noticed; commitment will attract goodness and favour to you. She is a compassionate lover of equality, fair play and justice for the oppressed.
An ardent believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, Nnenna believes trust and faith in God is the bedrock of the highest pinnacle of peaceful success and greatness. God orchestrates your life if you let Him.

 Nnnena can be reached on +2348057027545

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