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Rumbidzai Kuchena


“Growing up, I remember very well I was always assigned leadership roles it started from kindergarten level till corporate level. The responsibility of being a leader in every aspect gave me the confidence to tackle on any challenge that came my way. “

Rumbidzai’s leadership skills were very excellent to the point where she played hockey for the 1st time in high school as the team captain and won the team won game. Getting recognized and assigned leadership roles became a norm for her which also helped in developing the businesswoman she is today. She would take up on part time jobs when she was in college for some pocket money. Rumbidzai was very hardworking and determined it came with no surprise when she had the idea of taking over the family business.

After completing college she got a job as a Debt Collector a position that got her exposure and was hired by Mzansi Training and Conferences as Sales executive and later on became the company manager, however everybody was surprised when she decided to quit corporate to start over as an entrepreneur.  “ I took a very huge risk which was to develop the family business on my own”. Varz Cleaning and Hygiene services is a company  established by her mother in 2009 and Rumbidzai took over the business in 2019.Varz Cleaning and Hygiene services passionately cleans your home, office, schools, warehouses, factories, churches and  many more. The company is based in South Africa with hope to expand in other neighboring countries in the next years, Varz Cleaning has been doing extremely well and has managed to hire more employees than it had in the past.


“The biggest challenge I find myself in right now as a young African woman in business is that some days are good some days are not”. A lot of people told Rumbidzai to quit her business and go back to corporate but she knows that she is not a quitter. The young businesswoman has a Diploma in Purchasing Management the qualification has helped in sealing so many deals and gets more clients. In 2015 she had an opportunity to travel to Cyrpus for a radio show, slot which focused on African businesses and went as far as hosting debates shows to discover how Africa Entrepreneurs holds the fort in this tough industry. This trip helped to explore and developed herself as an aspiring businesswoman at the time.

“I am out here to break stereotypes, as young as I am and I aspire to inspire”Rumbidzai concluded.

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