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Terrill Christians

CEO of Success by Design and Co-Founder MBA connect

Terrill was born and raised in Cape Town South Africa and always been a hard working woman. She started working when she was just 17 years and got herself part-time jobs whilst studying to save up some pocket money and help out at home. The part-time jobs ranged from waitressing to call center agent which really made a huge impact on the businesswoman that she is today.

After completing high school Terrill was hired by a company that helped pay for some of her studies. She took what they offered, and a lot of closed doors opened and many opportunities presented themselves for her. The news came as a blessing to Terrill and her family because she could not afford to fund her studies. She went further by funding her MBA studies and she knew that having an MBA would be a game-changer. After having worked for 14 years in the Financial Services and IT Industry she left, to follow her lifetime dream which was being a CEO of her own company.

Success by Design is a company she established over a year ago “ The journey has not been an easy one as anticipated; Terrill said. Being her own boss has been a lot of hard work as it comes with a lot of weight. Success By Design offers online consulting and training, and provide easy-to-use, creative, and low-cost business solutions for Technical and Professional service providers. They help businesses focus on optimizing processes and redesign service delivery so that sales increase and resources are focused on service delivery and customer satisfaction. Past & present clients:  software developers, IT infrastructure, market research consultants, creative agencies, equipment distributors, exporters, HR consultants, Financial service providers, digital marketplaces, healthcare providers, etc. She also wants to create employment for many other women In South Africa as she believes in women empowerment and creating opportunities for others.

Terrill is also a Co-Founder the MBA Connect Africa an exclusive network focused on helping grow the career, business, and social opportunities of MBA achievers in Africa. The purpose of this connected platform is to create a connected MBA society across Africa, for Africa through their collaboration. They continue to optimize the investment power of holding the most distinguished qualification and continuously grow business and share knowledge and ideas with society to create a better environment. Terrill concludes by saying be a determined problem-solver, the only limit that exists is the one you set for yourself. The only way you can have a better life is if you are willing to better yourself.

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