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Human Rights Activist

“When I was growing up, I was called many things; rebellious, active, stubborn, enthusiastic, bold, and confident just to name a few”.Wevyn got this reference to the way she interacted with other children and adults, She sees how it relates to the young woman she has become. “I think, I was born this way, speaking up my mind, defying expectations and always seeking to change my situation”. Wevyn‘s father was very active with Kenyan politics, he was so resourceful at the grassroots and those who have been in party politics in Mombasa for a long, know how passionate he was about governance. He was not tech-savvy, or digital like they say. He would draft messages on paper to his colleagues and ask Wevyn or her siblings to type it out for him and send them as emails or messages. Wevyn was exposed to law, policy and political language at such a young age and up to date with Kenyan politics because of this

.However, as a child, Wevyn didn’t ever imagine this is what she will grow up to do every day; participating in policy formulation and reviews, frontline activism, and community organizing. But looking back, every opportunity and situation has led her to this point. Wevyn received a fairly decent education thanks to sponsors, community members, and individuals who took a chance on her and trusted her with their funds. The odds weren’t always in her favour somehow Wevyn made it to this point so young.  “Alongside other injustices affecting me and my family, I have dedicated my life to supporting many other communities, families, and individuals like myself”.

After completing her tertiary education Wevyn ventured full time into activism but was looked down upon. After having studied Actuarial Sciences as an outstanding student she chose to go into a different path. Life became difficult as she was underestimated a lot but Wevyn knew why she had ventured into activism in the first place so she didn’t give up.

Wevyn conducts community education on human rights, peace, and security, politics, and governance. She does this through social media platforms and in different neighborhoods, schools, and institutions and believes that information is key in liberation; sharing information is power because you empower others to speak up for themselves and demand change. There is no such thing as the voiceless, only the unheard. Everyone has a voice we only need to empower them to use them so we can dismantle dependency on aid. This is what she strives to do.

In edition, Wevyn believes that everyone is a leader. Leadership is not about holding positions of power in government, workplaces, or schools. Leadership to Wevyn is about how to lead your own life. If you live your life in a way that seeks to do good, be better, and build yourself in ethical ways, you in turn inspire many others to do the same. You influence others to live like you. That is leadership, showing by example through our deeds. If we all embrace this concept of leadership, we will cause a ripple effect and in time influence many others to be decent human beings.

The world today calls for individuals willing to respect others and treat them fairly. It calls for institutions that uphold our dignity through the services they render, the products they create, and the wages they pay. It calls for all of us to actively participate in our governance structures, voting in leaders who are noble and remembering that it doesn’t end on Election Day. Rather, to realize a fair, just, and peaceful world is a lifestyle. It is in our everyday habits and choices

Wevyn is passionate about young people. “This is the time that we find our voice, our purpose and discover our talents and gifts”. Harnessing the power that young people have can transform the way they live. “If you look around us, we have all it takes to develop ourselves but we live at a time when profits and wealth are prioritized over the well-being and lives of others, and what use is our life if we do not use it to make ours and that of others better? She concluded.

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