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Banabasi Marambire

Born and raised in Zimbabwe Banabasi emerged from a very poor background and grew up as a neglected orphan. Growing up as an orphan gave him the perseverance to participate in assisting the underprivileged children right now.

After completing high school Banabasi sadly failed to further his studies due to financial strains. He then had to do something in order to survive as he had no parents or guardians to depend on. Apart from being an A+ student, Banabasi was a dedicated and passionate young man. Banabasi got his very first job as a farmworker at 19 years “The pain of seeing your classmates proceeding with school and you cannot”. After a year Banabasi relocated to Botswana in search of greener pastures and stayed there for 11 years“It was really difficult at first but I conquered”. He eventually got his first job at a farm in Botswana with his duties mainly to look after cattle as a Herd boy.

Banabasi had a lifetime dream of being a businessman one day. At the age of 22 in his attempt to further his dream Banabasi moved from being a Herd boy to working in a construction company as a general laborer. He was very dedicated to his job that he gave it all he had till he was 25. His life dream became reality when managed to register his first of many companies.This became a breakthrough for him because it was something that he had always wanted to achieve ever since he was a child, unfortunately, Banabasi had to sell his company due to some human jealousy and it became a downhill curve for him. “The downhill made me go back and work even harder”

At present Banabas is the founder of (1)Barmlo group of companies, a company he established when he came back to his home country in 2011 whose umbrella includes Barmlo Investment (PVT) Ltd a company that specializes in Building Materials supply and Brick Moulding (2)Barmlo Construction PVT Ltd a company that specializes on the erection of buildings, plumbing, electrification, tilling, carpentry and painting (3)Maineck Holdings a company grounded on Maize Milling and Food processing and Solar Energy.

Banabasi is also the Co-Founder of Dyke Academy a private school in Zimbabwe. Barmlo construction has been recognized at different platforms across Africa through its participation in Jack Ma foundation under Africa Netpreneur Initiative Price and qualified to the semifinals. The company has been nominated in various spheres and won first prize under the 2016 Global Shapers Initiative under the construction category.

In addition to all his various business ventures Banabas also runs a few organizations mainly with the focus of uplifting the youth in his home country, he has helped over 100 young people with ambitions and dreams by offering them scholarships and also managed to employ over 500 employees all over Africa.

The passion to encourage and emancipate other entrepreneurs through his life experience in achieving a sustainable business through, passion and perseverance is what drives him.

In life treat every human being with respect regardless of their status because in life those least expected to be better in their lives may turn out to be people of influence and high status;Banabasi concluded.

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