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Having had an opportunity to live in 3 different continents Petros was given an eye to transform lives of the youths. Petros grew up in Zimbabwe and living in other countries gave him an opportunity to realise that the future will only be bright if the youths of today are equipped with useful information.

Petros has always loved writing ever since he was a little boy. Apart from his profession he has always been interested in writing short stories, and motivational articles, he has 2 motivational blogs. Petros has passion for writing and would love his career to revolve around this calling, “the art of words” for he believes in the power of words to induce change personally. Petros has published 2 novels Just A Thought and Be Inspired,a book he wrote based on his experiences and observations and Be Inspired is about what human beings can do if they put their mind to it, the book is about what it takes to achieve something, anything, in any aspect of life and how. These 2 books are his core keys to inspire people through other inspiring Zimbabweans like Tinashe Mutarisi, Cynthia Sithole and Thompson Dondo. He plans to publish 2 more novels in 2021.

Petros realised that the future is information, he has created platforms where youths are getting transformation information through social media. His emphasis is on promoting entrepreneurship for he believes entrepreneurship is the only way we can have a wealthy generation and the only way our country can move forward. Petros always encourages youths to have something that will give them extra income for he believes salary is a short-term solution to a life time problem. He holds a Bachelor of business administration degree and is graduating with a master’s in business administration in December 2020.

He is also working with other young people to inspire other Zimbabweans and they have been visiting schools and talk to students. They have a group called Be inspired which is open to anyone who wants to inspire others. Anyone who wants to join the Be inspired team can join them and impact lives in different ways.

To Petros words are like maths wherein one has to master and know a workable formula to deliver the right message. Life has thrown challenges at him being in a foreign country is really difficult but he has managed to create noise in all the places that he has lived in.

‘’As youth we carry inventions and strategies that Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, Africa and the whole world is looking for, we just need tap in our minds and reach our highest potential, we have seen a lot of mediocrity in the world and the excellent ones seems to be rare, let us vow to be excellent in whatever area we are in. Let excellent be our motto. We have been given everything pertaining to life. Our victory is certain in the world just believe in yourself and in your own abilities.’’ Petros concluded

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  1. Thank you for being a doer of the Word. You’re a living testimony of what inspiration is. May God continue to bless your handiworks. More grace and may the youths take up the mantle, rise and do exploits that God may be glorified.

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