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Kagiso has always been an extrovert from a very young age. Born and raised in a small village called Senotlelo in Mpumalanga South Africa Kagiso’s family relocated to the capital (Pretoria) when he was just a little boy where he continued with school.He completed his elementary journey in 2010 and started High School Journey in 2011.

He was an aspiring Accountant and he completed the Higher Certificate in Accounting the year 2017. In that year doors opened up to attending Leadership programs offered on Campus. “I would always get so Inspired and energised to see Speakers on stage and always visualised myself doing the same”. Kagiso didn’t pay much attention and placed the focus on going back to the accounting path.

In his 3rd year he had to specialise majors he then ventured into Internal Auditing and completed his diploma. In 2018 Kagiso was so active in so many leadership programs – Managing the Academics of a Senior Residence as a Head Mentor.

The young student started conducting classes to 2nd year students.“The idea of speaking used to fascinate me a lot ,I would do classes without motivation or a reminder and the course I was doing was globally accredited”. Kagiso remembers a time they were ambushed in class on the spot to sell themselves to be a part of the University Representative Student Committee of the the IIA and ISACA team.The roles were presented and he chose to present the portfolio Public Relations Officer because it related to creating career awareness through speaking and he always loved the idea of Speaking.

He was voted highest by his classmates. ”I didn’t get fascinated by the content of what I spoke about but the Idea of Speaking and Connecting always drove me”. Kagiso’s friend invited him to be featured on a community radio drive to inspire High School learners.He was open to this responsibility although he had not done something like this before. Kagiso met a gentlemen through drive and they founded a company together alongside another lady that they knew for her great love for working with young people.The trio Co-founded a Private Company that deals with helping learners expose their true art through entrepreneurship workshops and also career expos that transport them to work places they aspire to be and give them a feel of experiencing what they want to become.

In 2019 Kagiso was doing his Degree and also running their company’s events and he would miss classes to speak on radio programs.The one topic that would always drive him a lot is the importance to live an authentic life.He was aspiring to be an Accountant but his daily actions were not demonstrating that. Kagiso was also employed to work at the University as a Student Assistant.He had two different roles, to conduct classes and do Admin work . When It came to teaching ,It didn’t feel like work to him because he would be so hyped and eager to do it. Kagiso would fill the class with students bringing great energy and enthusiasm. “I completed my degree but it was that moment I decided not to renew my contract and told myself that office life stops here and I’m not even pursuing job hunting but to follow a path that will allow me to express my gifts and not just pay bills”

Kagiso got support from his friends and family and it was so overwhelming.He realised his mission was to touch hearts and minds.He decided to venture into purpose life coaching to awaken gifts of others.When you do something that is not aligned with who you are, you procrastinate in performing the tasks, frustrate every time you are assigned responsibility,experience distress as responsibilities are more of a burden than a challenge but when you do what you love ,you bring a lot of enthusiasm on the responsibility, you are disciplined in doing the tasks ,you have self governance on this and you spontaneously become resilient on all the challenges that might occur. Kagiso would always pay attention to human behaviour, by assessing how most people spend their time, the topics they always like to engage on , and it is always a case that most people set long term goals that are totally different to what their daily habits demonstrates.

 Kagiso concluded by stating that it should not only be Organisations and Companies that have a Mission statement but also we as individuals ,to write down what is that I would love to do in this place,What is it that my heart yearns to do in this place ,What Is that one thing that I would love to contribute in this place and also getting compensated for it.Once that takes place you will truly live and not merely exist.


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  1. Absolutely wonderful. The journey to one’s purpose is may be unclear if attention to the little detail is not observed. It’s true that there is no life worth living than the live you were made to live.

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