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“People kept on asking why someone like me established a platform  that involves children”Ryan explains how he was criticised for starting a child care service business. Ryan grew up as a very responsible child, he would take on so many roles from a very young age and enjoyed helping out his family.He always wanted to be a leader

He was born with Blount’s disease and had issues with moving or walking but was lucky to have been operated when he was 3 years old. After the operation he was reliant on a wheelchair for almost a year but eventually recovered,with time he got to understand this disease and what his life was going to be like today, had it not been for the operation.

Ryan’s family had some financial issues this resulted in him changing schools a lot. The changing of schools and environment was way too much and overwhelming for him at the end he suffered with depression when he was just a teenager.This was an emotional and difficult period for him and his family. People labelled Ryan as an ‘abnormal’child but this didn’t affect his ambition to do better for himself and be that leader he’s always wanted to be.

Job opportunities are really scarce in South Africa, and in many countries at the moment, this drove Ryan to start his own company at the age of 20. The urge for entrepreneurship has always been his main goal. After completing school he saw an opportunity to establish a platform to be able to assist other people to improve their background situations.Despite all the hardships life has thrown at Ryan he wants better for himself.

Rent A Service is a business he founded in 2019 with the sole objectives to provide professional child care services at affordable prices,while combating youth unemployment starting in his residing area Gauteng South Africa and expanding in the near future. They have goals to work with and place over 1000+tutoring and babysitting services to help young adults in need of employment. At first it wasn’t easy at all as Ryan was negatively  affected by critics from people but he knew his ultimate goal. He learnt from all the negativity around his business to make it better

The business has been doing well as off the past few months and their child care and personal tutoring services has improved.He has even managed to get additional material to fully run his business.

Ryan calls on all young people to take charge of their lives “I started at 20 ” he concluded.

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