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Diane has always had an eye for fashion from a very young age,she designed and made her own clothes when she was a child the passion for fashion was very strong for her and used to make little dolls to entertain herself Diane even made money off selling the dolls.After completing high school she wanted to study Engineering as she wanted a better life for herself and family,they were some financial issues at home so she could not study.Diane Started working soon after school.

Having a job was okay as she was able to pay her bills but she wasn’t happy, and content with her life. Diane felt like she was drawing far from her passion of fashion design, she started customizing clothes for her friends and family during her spare times and weekends. .Diane became a fashion expert within a short space of time and decided to quit her job to focus more on her passion. But tragedy struck in late 2015 when she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. She fought through the treatment and was determined to beat cancer, which she did.

Diane has always been a go-getter she has never been scared of challenges. Although discouraged by illness, financial challenges she never let go of her dreams to be a designer.

In 2016 Diane launched her fashion house Didi Couture and turned her back room into a studio to start her work .At first she was alone but after some time she managed to hire an assistant and today she has managed to create employment for more than five (5) people. Diane and her team work on producing the best ranges from couture dresses, evening gowns and daywear clothing. Didi Couture prides themselves by incorporating rich African fabrics and mainstream fabrics and they are proud of the combination that makes your personal shopping a unique and a pleasant experience. The business was struggling financially at first, being a self-fund business was really tricky for Diane but support from friends and family made things manageable. Diane faced a lot of challenges when she started her business but kept going.She never had a spirit of giving up on her dream.

Didi Couture got an opportunity to showcase their collections at Soweto Fashion week this has brought in a lot  of clientele in the business. Diane hopes for more international showcases in the future to help create employment and inspire young people to never give up on their dreams.

“If you have a dream, you should nature it stay focused and never let it go even when no one believes in it..”said Diane.

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