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Beatrice was abandoned by her father when she was young.  It was really hard growing up watching her mum struggle to make sure she had a decent education. They were left to fend for themselves on a small family farm in Zimbabwe. Beatrice was drawn to fashion from as early as she can remember,she loved seeing how clothes can change a person’s mood.  Every time she put on something new or different, she felt like a princess.

She had another passion developing apart from fashion – art.  She loved drawing and colouring.  Her grandmother was a potter, and Beatrice would spend hours in her hut watching her turn a lump of mud into a beautiful work of art.  

Unfortunately the school she went to had no lessons in art or fashion whatsoever, so she took Accounting classes. After completing high school,her father refused to pay for her,to further her education.Beatrice always believed she was destined for greater things than what her father had in mind.  She always dreamed of having her own business and providing a better life for the woman who had kept her together through her tough childhood.  She had made a pledge to her mother when she was 10 that she would build her a better house than the one they lived in.  The old farm house was depleted, had broken windows which her mum had replaced with wooden planks to keep the wind and dust out.  The roof was broken so much that every rainy season they had to put buckets underneath to prevent the living room from flooding.

“But Mum had a will of iron and a positive outlook on life.  She had a happy countenance and a generous heart.  She smiled and laughed and made the best out of the miserable situation. She never allowed me to feel sorry for myself. She always made me realise how blessed we were to have the farm, the mountains, the bountiful provision of nature.  We lacked nothing, according to her we were rich beyond measure.  She gave me hope and faith, and allowed me to dream.”

It was this solid foundation that has made Beatrice the woman she is today.  After a few years of living from one relative to another, Beatrice had secured a small job as a Receptionist.  She then decided to pursue her Accounting career by enrolling in a Financial Management Diploma.  “By this time my passion for art and fashion was laying dormant, it was now about survival.”  She had a long road to travel until she reached the Diploma level, as her salary was too small to cover all subjects per semester. Thankfully her mother’s  resilient attitude had rubbed onto her so she was ready for the challenge.  It was then she gained the Shona nickname “Chandagwinyira”,  meaning resilience.

Beatrice landed a job with Think Tank Advertising in Harare as a Bookkeeper, and did a bit of modelling as well.Later she was employed by LR Manufacturing & Sales as an Accountant.  She moved to South Africa  in 2007 and she secured a position as a Financial Manager at a car dealership.  She managed to honour her sacred pledge to her mother by building a bigger house on their farm.

In 2015 she decided to follow her dreams of fashion. She launched Queen Bridal, and in 2019 she decided to expand into all women fashion.  “I wanted to bring something different to the industry by selecting fashion which is not readily available in the market.”  Beatrice launched Queen B Couture in January 2020 whose mission is to help women from all walks of life celebrate their uniqueness and engage the world.  This year she’s focusing on Asymmetrical fashion because she believes it is the imperfect things that make everything perfect.

“Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak” Rachel  Zoe

“Every woman is designed differently, in our unique ways we are all beautiful. It is through the clothes we wear that we express ourselves before we say anything. Fashion is the best way to do that.  Queen B Couture is an exclusive boutique that seeks to provide fashionable clothing that makes anyone stands out.”

In 2017 Beatrice was travelling to Zimbabwe when her car overturned, but the accident awakened her passion for art.  When she returned back to SA, she made her first painting.  “Since then I find that my world aligns whenever I’m painting.”

“My message to young girls who might be facing challenges is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to walk the road to reach it.  It’s not easy but if you focus on your goals and refuse to let society tell you who you should be, you WILL make it.  Allow yourself to dream and believe in yourself.   If you falter, forgive yourself, get up and run your race.  Remember you ARE BEAUTIFUL and WORTHY in your unique way.”

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