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Peter was born and raised in the capital of Zambia Lusaka. As a child he used to run a few businesses of his own, stocking up sweets to sale at  School.

His  interests in business as a small boy mastered a seed that lives within him till today. Peter got an opportunity to work at one of the biggest Marketing firms in Zambia at just 19 years old and equipped some leadership and team work roles from his position at the company. He was lucky to have been discovered by one of his boss’s acquaintance  from America who was opening a big Internet Cafe in Zambia and wanted Peter to be on his team.

He saw this an opportunity to work hard and prove his worth to the bosses. After a  few years in the company, Peter got a promotion to be The Head Of Marketing at only 23 years old, dealing with some Top 100 prominent profiles in Zambia. Branding and Communication expert was now added on Peter’s resume.

Peter believed so much in himself  to secure lucrative deals and he started his own Marketing Company DirectPlus at 26 years old. DirectPlus created  job opportunities for many people. After just a year in business ,they became one of the largest Marketing Company in Zambia specialized in various fields.

 Inspired by fellow  successful young businessmen like himself beyond Zambia, Peter  partnered with an international media company and at this point business was doing well. Travelling and securing business deals in other African countries was now a big factor at this point.

Peter managed to secure big deals across the continent that he decided to open up an operational office in South Africa. He was expanding in business and as a result owned a few businesses in various sectors and started a property investment portfolio of over $850 million with partners globally.

One of the company’s main business partners pulled out of a major deal. This was a total downfall for Peter and everyone who was involved. Peter’s hard work of  many years came to a standstill. A lot of people lost their jobs and could not support their families anymore.

This loss only made Peter stronger and had to start from the  ground all over again. He knew the  best route was for him was to go back to Marketing & Communication. Peter went back and created a Digital Marketing communications company in end 2017 that focused on business publication content, mainly with a specific aim of driving FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) first into Gauteng Province and then now focusing on the entire continent, with investment road shows scheduled.

On all the prosperity, great successes, global experience and down turns Peter encountered in his entrepreneurship journey, he decided  to put everything into writing to assist other entrepreneurs and aspirants. He wrote a book called your First Book to Entrepreneurship, 2 most important factors to guarantee success. The book is available on Amazon. The book draws it’s focus on someone who has been an entrepreneur for over a decade. It covers the internal side of a business mind and not on the external side which focuses on the business operations. A sequel follows which covers the later.

Peter is an active serial entrepreneur at present & also founded a global leadership platform called Mentored Coffee (Brewing New Leaders) that provides leadership and inspirational peer to peer life and business guidance for ages from 18 to over 60 years.

Entrepreneurship is amazing, you are never too young to start something, the time is now.

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