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Being a leader is something I could say I grasped from a very young age. I became the leader in my family and what they would call “The man of the house” when I was 4 years old. I was born and raised in Harare Budiriro. My father passed away leaving me and my mother who was only 6 months pregnant with my sister.He was only 29 when he passed away I drew inspiration from him because he was the kind of man who continued to take care of his family even after life, he made some investments in shares, life assurances, educational funds which played a significant role in the lives of mum, my sister and I. I went to EaglesVale School one of the A rated private schools in the city I had to change schools because my mum could not afford to keep me at EaglesVale so I later on went to Budiriro 4 Primary School this was a big downfall for me as a child but I did not let that affect me. I went on to complete my secondary education at Mufakose High 2 School this was a personal choice Mufakose High 2 School groomed me in many areas I was in the cricket team where I was one of the best bowlers, I was also a house captain. I was one of the leaders in the school I was the President of Justice for Children Trust, Debate and Public Speaking and Writers and Readers club, this experience nurtured my good debating, public speaking, and leadership skills. I worked really hard and I passed very well.

Tertiary education was expensive for my mum, she had to take loans to make sure she paid and finance my tertiary education, and I thank God through having good grades and straight distinctions made me qualify for scholarships. And this aided me in completing my school. I managed to obtain few qualifications that include a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LL.B) from the University of South Africa, Bachelor of Commerce in Corporate Law and Accounting with Midrand Graduate Institute and my Masters in Business Administration with the University of London.

Being a lawyer is something I have always wanted to be from the time I was young, I remember vividly back in grade 5 in Primary School, I always worked hard to never be in the bottom range of the class but I was always at the bottom of the class, I was not one of the smart ones. At one time in class, the teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. Everyone shared with the class what they inspired to be in life and the class applauded one another. And then when it was my turn I stood so confidently and said “when I grow up I want to be a lawyer” I was the object of laughter even the teacher herself found this as a joke. This challenged me to do even better and focus and work hard.

My Mum became my father she taught me everything I know about life; she firmly established in me a strong foundation and a spirit of servant leadership. My Mum  has a heart of giving back to the community.

 I was raised in a Christian household this meant going to church every Sunday. Life is something me and my small family takes very serious this really helped us to be very close to each other. I can truly say that experience is a driving force in my line of work watching my mum doing her weekly devotion to the community service and church events with food and clothing she would say we continually working to make our community better and we owe a debt of service to the less fortunate than we are. It was no surprise when I announced early that I wanted to be an attorney. I was given unbelievable support system that never allowed me lose momentum on this goal.

I registered my first company when I was 18 years old, Wilcox Business Mutual a business and investment consultancy services firm. Being yourself and dedicated is really fruitful in the end. In 2015 I started a foundation called Let’s Raise Champions International Trust which helps young people in achieving their dreams in business, academics, sporting or other talents young people have, we help the young people by financing their dreams creating platforms such as conferences and seminars amongst other public gatherings.

 Today I am a lawyer with rights of courts audience and legal practice in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Mauritius, England and Wales. My law practice specializes in corporate cases, investment cases, Corporate Restructuring, Capital Venture, Project Financing, Global Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions Business Law Advisory services, Tax law consultancy and intellectual property law. Having a registered company hasn’t been easy considering the current Zimbabwean economy. But I thank God for opening up opportunities to organize Management Services events which enabled me to raise funds to register my first company. I faced different challenges such as trying to acquire bank loans without collateral, marketing expenses and office rental. I did not let my failure determine my future.

There is a saying that your friends are your net worth and this assertion is very true because through some friends I managed to overcome most obstacles. And we are still facing these challenges head on as a team considering the current economic meltdown in Zimbabwe hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel.

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