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I was born and raised in the South West of Zimbabwe in the city of Bulawayo. This is a city well known to have been dominated by the Ndebele tribe. My real name is Michael but I am famously known as ‘Mcpotar’ which originated from a character in the famous play by Shakespeare Macbeth. I was the only male child in my family with 3 sisters. We lost my older brother when I was 2 years I don’t even remember or have any memories of him the only thing I know is what I was told and the photograph I was shown, I do have flashbacks of him from time to time. I had no one to protect me from the older mean guys as a young boy so I became what they would refer to as a “softie” I would never get in a physical confrontation with anyone no matter how sincere the issue was. Growing up around my family more especially my sisters was so fun for me because I was the child who had a very strong freedom of expression in the family .I would question each and every other instruction given to me by 2 of my older sisters even with the parents I was not easily manipulated in a respective manner that is. I always wanted to know why what happens is happening.

I had a funny and weird voice when I was little this was coming from a problem in my nostrils so I underwent surgery and the doctors removed some of the excess bones in my nose. To me it was normal and as a child I could never pay attention to such things as life was just normal. When I was in Primary School my teacher noticed this and she suggested that I be referred to the Special class a class for learners with special needs. Because I was a child I really didn’t have a say so I just went to the Special class. I only attended the Special class for a few days, even made friends in the Special needs class for those few days. My parents were not impressed because to them they knew I was normal so they decided it was best for me to change schools.

I went on to Milton Junior School a middle school in Bulawayo I was one of the top academic achievers in my class, this change made me to discover myself more and work even hard because I had to prove the point that I was normal . As I became older I came to understand everything that happened around me as a child. I later went on to finish my academic career at Dadaya High School everything was okay and I made some very good friends. I enjoyed myself yes but as a boy my mischievous attitude taught me a lesson that gave me a wakeup call. I was suspended for being unruly; from this whole experience I learnt how to respect those in authority.

My passion for writing started when I was 5, My Dad gifted me with a diary to write my thoughts and ideas I could write all the events that used to take place during the day. This became a tradition to me writing everything I was thinking about until I even got to a point of having my own published book. I never limited myself and I don’t stick to one thing; I do everything because you never know what exactly you good at until you try.

Being an animator, artist, poet, author and a Hip Hop artist is really hard because the first thing you do is keeping your followers first before yourself and there is always a challenge to impress them.

In 2018 I launched my first book together with a friend which was published on Amazon titled Blessed Princes a fiction novel with characters involved in a love triangle relationship. Sometimes I find it very hard to believe when I go through the book. It helped me understand myself more and better, I managed to launch my second book titled “Chapter Zero: Create Your Creative Genius 2019 guideline book about tips on how to be more creative”.

2019 was even a better year I started my own Comedy series show on Youtube “PAJECHA” a Zimbabwean based animated comedy series about a bald headed gentleman ‘Tsano’ who moves to a new Ghetto. And it had reached 15,000 (15k) views within a few months.

I was never a lazy child and I think this helped in building the person that I am today. I am purpose based and keep learning at each and every given opportunity.

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